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by Terra  - July 6, 2016

Do you find yourself re-evaluating the goals in your business because you just don’t have the time?

Time. Oh…Time. It’s the #1 struggle with growing business owners who are moving into their CEO Role more and more every day.

If you struggle with time, then hiring an intern might be just what the doctor ordered.

Let me be honest with you…you’ll have to invest a little time upfront to build out your internship program and mentor your interns to maximize their productivity. But, after you invest a little time…you’ll be the one that is more productive.

With the help of an intern, you can make time for new projects and goals, while training a possible full-time team member at the same time.

I’m often asked “How can I find an intern like yours, Terra”…well, let me give you 2 of my favorite resources right now:

  1. – setup a free internship posting and follow up with everyone who applies
  2. Referrals – ask people who know of college students looking for an internship

However, finding an intern is one thing…finding the perfect intern for you is another thing. The perfect intern will do those things you need help with but yet be fitting for the skill level that she’s at right now.

That’s why I will share 5 tips that will help you navigate through the process easier:

1. Use Different Outlets to Find the Right Candidate

There are so many young people eager to learn and grow, people often ignore the possibilities.

Besides the two resources above, use different outlets to find the right intern for you.

Contact your local university’s career center, or specific professors, or even advertise the new position on different social media outlets.

2. Develop An Intern Program Specific For Your Company

Pick the areas you need the most help in and outline intern responsibilities.

Write out the roles and responsibilities that are deeper than giving the job title “Intern.” Instead, give her a real job title with real roles and real responsibilities.

Developing a program early will save you the headache for future years. Just do it once, refine it over time, and use it over and over again. (There’s the systems gal in me again!)

3. Remember That This is a Younger Generation. . . So, Cater the Interview Process TOWARD Them

Interviewing should be less formal when it comes to hiring an intern.

Instead of focusing on professional experiences, focus on why she chose her major, what student organizations she is involved in, and what she wants in her future after graduation.

Oh and don’t forget to stalk them on Social Media BEFORE you choose to interview them. It tells you tons.

4. Get to Know Your Intern to Increase Their Productivity

Spend time to get to know your intern and let them know how you see her fitting into your company.

This will result in higher productivity and success for both of you.

Explore her interests, give her a mentor (if it’s not you), invite her to participate in your business, and give her constant feedback.

Leverage a system like so she knows what to work on, and when to work on it and has her “home base” to be more proactive in finishing tasks.

Don’t forget to schedule regular meetings with your intern so she has time to ask you questions and you have time to ask her questions, too. Makes for a much more productive relationship.

5. Give Her Actual Tasks They Can Grow From, Not Just the Things You Don't Want To Do

Do not hire an intern to just take over the tasks you don’t want to do yourself.

Let me repeat…do not hire an intern to just take over the tasks you don’t want to do yourself.

I don’t give my interns anything I wouldn’t or haven’t done myself.

You can’t expect your intern to run your business.

Think of an intern as a potential future team member. Give her relevant tasks and help her experience.

Hey, she could be the future of your company.

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