How to Prove Your Marketing Works

(And How to Dump What Doesn’t)

Are you spending too much time (and money) marketing your business?

If you have to ponder this question and think “Yes” or “Maybe”...keep reading.

As the CEO of your business (yes...even if you are a solo-preneur, you need to be thinking like a CEO) by driving your business strategies using systems that work for you. Your Marketing System is one of seven that need your undivided attention.

Your Marketing System is the catalyst to your business. It drives visibility which leads to people knowing who you are and buying what you are selling.

Marketing done dreamy.

Marketing done a nightmare.

Marketing done right is:

  • Simple and consistent (because it works)
  • Supports what you are naturally good at doing
  • Doesn't feel like a "chore" (because you like to do it)
  • Is a balance between online, social media and in-person

Marketing done wrong is:

  • Chaotic feeling because you are doing too many different things at different times (which confuses people)
  • No clear call to action for people to take the next step with you (or to learn more)
  • Feels stressful and overwhelming (like you can never keep up)
  • You attract the wrong type of customers who can't afford what you are selling

Introducing, your customized Marketing System…

No more using the “HOPE” marketing strategy. (As in hoping what you are doing works.)

I’d love to see you marketing with intention to get the results you deserve.

I find entrepreneurs aren’t using a consistent marketing strategy that operates as a tried-and-true trusted system.

To maximize your visibility, consider using 3 separate marketing strategies that make up your own customized Marketing System.

Strategy #1: Get Connected In-Person. Also known as getting cheek-to-cheek with your ideal customers and others who you can partner with to accelerate referrals.

Strategy #2: Be Online. Think leveraging your website so that when people who meet you “Google” you...they can connect deeper and learn more about who you are and what you do.

Strategy #3: Get Social. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIN, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest helps you stay connected with others.

Important Tip: Pick one or maybe two social media platforms to use as marketing. Unless you have a marketing team, it’s very difficult to keep up with all of them. Pick one (or maybe two if you feel adventurous) and dominate on it. Pick the one(s) that you are completely comfortable using and that cater to your ideal customer.

Personal Sidebar: This blog post advice comes from the woman (me) who took 2 years to get a new client through Facebook. Why? Because I didn’t have a true Marketing System in place back then.

And the funny thing is...I had taken every “how to get clients on Facebook and Twitter” course out there. For some reason it wasn’t resonating with me. Mostly because I was missing in-person connections.

I thought I could just sit behind my computer at my home office wearing yoga pants and t-shirts and effectively get to know people through social media.

Does only marketing via social media work for some people? Yes. Did it work for me? Nope.

I had to find my Marketing System that gave me a balance of online, social media and in-person connections. This worked for me so much better than forcing someone else’s Facebook marketing plan into my business.

I learned my lesson and got much smarter on how to spend my time (and money) marketing in a way that felt good to me.

(Just for the record, Facebook is a small part of my own Marketing System now...but only because I figured out how to make it work for me so that it feels authentic. I mainly use it as a way to keep in touch with people I meet in person or when others want to introduce me to someone else.)

So, how do you know if your Marketing System is working for you?
Simply said: you measure the effectiveness by tracking a few metrics.
I know metrics aren’t sexy or fun...but they tell you the truth. Measuring the data tells you exactly what to keep doing and what to stop doing.
So let’s measure what works for you as simply as possible.

First, you start with defining annual goals for each metric...and dividing that number against 52 weeks to get your average per week. Then, compare your actuals against the goals.

If you are happy with the actuals...then your Marketing System is working! If not, adjust until you are satisfied with your results.

Online Metrics to Measure:

  • How many new subscribers did you get on your email list this week?
  • How many views did you get this week on your website homepage? (Use Google Analytics to track this...if you don't know how to do this...learn or hire someone)
  • How many phone calls or emails did you get from prospective customers this week?

Social Metrics to Measure:

  • How many new Followers/Likes/Friends/Connections did you get this week for each social media platform that you are using for marketing? (This is why I recommend to pick only one or two -- easier to measure)
  • How much money on social media ads did you spend this week? What is your cost per lead? (Take how much money you spent divided by the number of leads you received)
  • How many private phone conversations or video chats did you have this week? (Taking your comments and public interactions to create 1:1 relationships)

In-Person Metrics to Measure:

  • How many networking events did you attend this week?
  • How many people did you have coffee or lunch with this week?
  • How many connections did you do for others this week? (Sending resources or introducing people that need to meet each other.)

When you track the data for your Marketing strategies, it’s far less emotional to let something go that isn’t working for you. Give it a few months before you dump it completely, but if after 2-3 months you aren’t getting the result you’s time to move on to something different.

There’s no need to complicate your marketing efforts.

Stick with 1 marketing strategy in each area of In-Person, Online and Social to maximize your time. Done right your ideal customers will just “see you everywhere.” Besides hitting your metrics, that’s another hint that you have a winning Marketing System.

Marketing takes effort. There’s no magic pill. Also I have no doubt that you understand that marketing is ridiculously important to the success of your business.

Once you find your customized Marketing System, put it on rinse-and-repeat and focus on locking down your customized Sales System.

If no one knows what you have to offer (by effective marketing), you can’t move people into your Sales System.

Stay tuned for my next blog post on the second system to put in place in your business...

Your Customized Sales System.

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