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by Terra  - August 16, 2016

Signs That You May Have a Troublesome Customer in Your Future

Your customers are your pride and joy. And **most** of them are ah-ma-zing, right?

But we get tested when it comes to making money. I’m consistently being tested to remind myself…

Not All Money Is Good Money!

It’s okay to be picky when choosing your next customer. I know what you are thinking….but, Terra…I don’t want to turn away paying customers.

Trust me…knowing some warning signs will save you time, stress, and money in the future.

Here are some serious warning signs that should have you saying “au revoir” faster than you can send an invoice:

1. The Potential Customer Scrutinizes The Contract

While having a meticulous customer is not always bad, you don’t want someone who is already wanting to change your policies.

You create a contract for a reason, right? Remember, you are protecting yourself and your customers.

HOT TIP: Stand Firm With Your Contract And Do Not Customize It To Fir The Customer's Wants. Play By Your Own Rules...It's Your Business After All.

2. Your New Customer Is Slow To Pay You

You find this customer taking their sweet time to make payments and you do not have time for that.

You have a payment schedule and if your customer is not taking it seriously, that’s not a customer for you.

HOT TIP: Implement Auto-Billing. With This, Customers Have No Choice Other Than To Make Their Payments As Scheduled.

3. Your Person Requires A Lot More Of Your Time & Attention Than Normal 

This customer demands waaaay more time than normal.

The worst thing you can do is try to meet the demands of demanding people because you are saying it is acceptable to treat you and others like that.

It’s time to have a get-real conversation about expectations at that point….and be fine with walking away from the deal.

HOT TIP: Make Sure To Clarify Your Customer Support Hours And Your Availability. For Example: Monday-Friday From 10am To 5 pm. No Exceptions.

 4. Your Customer (Or Potential Customer) Is Indecisive

If someone can’t make up their mind on anything, it will take a toll on your efficiency.

Or if you have someone who makes up their mind and constantly changes a decision that was made (in writing)…it’s a warning sign of things to come.

I’m not saying no one can change their minds (heck…we are all human) but when it’s happening over and over again, it’s time to move on.

HOT TIP: Establish Checkpoints. Make Them Very Clear So Your Customer Is Aware Of What Needs To Be Completed Before Moving On To The Next Phase.

5. The Person Is Demanding Or Just Plain Rude

Respect is essential in customer and business relations, make sure it is there.

This should be a core value in everyone’s business. There’s no place for people to rude to others.

Take a stand and ask that the behavior be changed.

If it doesn’t change, transition that customer to be someone else’s problem…not yours. It takes too much energy to please people who have no intention of changing their behavior.

HOT TIP: Establish A Working Agreement Where Language And Respect Are Clearly Stated, So There Is No Confusion.

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